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Experience a luxurious getaway in Poland, where you can indulge in exceptional hospitality and enjoy high-end accommodations, fine dining, and pampering. Stay in boutique, elegant hotels and explore local authentic cuisine. Relaxation and wellness await you in luxurious spa stays, while professional and impeccable service abounds. Enjoy activities, shopping and locations of legendary Polish hospitality. From high-end shopping to engaging activities, Poland is the perfect destination for a luxury vacation.

Moszna Castle

Visitors to Poland can enjoy the best of both worlds – luxury international hotels in the cities and elegant boutique castles, palaces or manors in idyllic rural villages. These accommodations offer high-end, quality professional services and extreme comfort, as well as a unique sense of character, history and style. As an example, the landmark Hotel Bristol – a Luxury Collection Hotel, in Warsaw – is renowned for its Les Clefs d’Or (“The Golden Keys”) designation and dedicated concierge. Furthermore, many of these locations offer world-class spa and wellness experiences, making them the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway.

Poland boasts a unique culinary history, combining the savoriness of French and Italian cooking with the exotic spices of Tatar, Lithuanian, and Hungarian cuisine. This cultural blend is showcased in two Michelin-starred restaurants, Atelier Amaro and Senses, as well as over 50 other restaurants that have been recognized by the Michelin Guide.

Exploring Poland's cities of Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk with a private guide is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the local culture and history. There are plenty of shopping opportunities in upscale stores and boutiques, so you can take home a piece of luxury from your stay in Poland.

We can help you plan and book the perfect luxury vacation to Poland. With our local knowledge, we can provide you with the best private luxury trips for solo travelers, couples, families, and small groups. We can also help you find the finest luxury resorts, hotels, and spas in the area. Our team can also arrange for you to experience fine dining with Polish vodka and wine, as well as exclusive VIP experiences based on your special interests. Let us help make your next vacation to Poland a truly memorable experience.

 Poolside At A Luxury Accommodation Poland Culinary Vacations

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Experience the luxury of the UNWIND IN SOUTHERN POLAND'S SPAS AND WINERIES TOUR with a stay at the opulent Dr. Irena Eris Hotel & Spa in Krynica-Zdroj. Indulge in a magical Polish cooking class in a countryside manor, and explore the family-owned vineyards of Lesser Poland and Subcarpathia with expert wine tours and tastings.


Our August 2024 Culinary Vacation is scheduled around the annual Pierogi Festival being held in Krakow, Poland. Join us for pierogi tasting, local beer, live entertainment and more.